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Basic Waste Management Fact Sheet


This document contains basic facts about solid waste management in Virginia written by Joe LaRocco. These facts include the amount of waste produced by one person every day to landfills,the importance of recycling, and how solid waste is transported. LaRocco briefly discusses the shipment of waste to other states, or even other countries. He also provides links to several federal and state websites that discuss solid waste disposal.

What is the relationship between federal, state, and local governments in regard to solid waste disposal? What government agencies might be involved? Who makes regulations about solid waste disposal, and who implements these policies?

Source: Joe LaRocco, "Basic Facts About Solid Waste Management in Virginia," The Politics of Solid Waste Management in Virginia.

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Joe LaRocco, "Basic Waste Management Fact Sheet," in Virginia Civics, Item #644, (accessed February 26, 2022).
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