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Aftermath of Immigration Resolution in Prince William County


In July 2007, Prince William County supervisors passed a unanimous resolution to cut down on illegal immigration. The resolution involved increasing local police enforcement of immigration laws and denying public services to illegal immigrants.

9500 Liberty, the organization that made this video, is a group which advocates the repeal of these immigration laws. This video offers one organization's perspective of the immigration debate. It covers an interview between a Latino restaurant owner and a member of 9500 Liberty. The two discuss the impact of this piece of public policy on his business and on the local economy. It also provides an example of the way one interest group is trying to influence public policy.

What public policies are impacting your local community? Are their any interest groups advocating for a change in these policies? Can you find examples of their actions and policies?

Source: 9500 Liberty, "Aftermath of Immigration Resolution in Prince William," Youtube (accessed November 21, 2008).

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