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Military Recruiting on Campus: Amendment to the "No Child Left Behind Act"


The federal "No Child Left Behind" Act was created to ensure equal quality of education for all students. One frequent problem in education is the "achievement gap" between students from different backgrounds. Some examples of this include: low income and high income student backgrounds, or native English speaker versus students who learn English as a second language.

This document contains an amendment to the original bill, which eventually became part of the legislation. The amendment requires colleges that receive federal funding allow military recruiters on campus.

How does this relate to the stated purpose of the No Child Left Behind Act? Why might this be included in the legislation?

Source: U.S. Congress. Senate. "No Child Left Behind Act." H.R. 1. 107th Cong., 1st sess. (June 14, 2001) Library of Congress (accessed July 10, 2009).

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U.S. Senate, "Military Recruiting on Campus: Amendment to the "No Child Left Behind Act"," in Virginia Civics, Item #564, (accessed January 27, 2022).
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