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Why Does Global Health Matter to Virginia?


In today's increasingly globalized world, what happens in India or China can affect trade or travel in Virginia. What are some ways that you interact with the rest of the world on a day-to-day basis? Where do your food and clothes come from? What is the nature of the relationship of Virginia and the United States to the global economy?

Given these connections, what are the effect of global health issues on Virginia? As shown in the obesity case study, public health affects government policy. In turn, government policy affects public health. What are some government organizations that deal with global health?

This document was created by Families USA, an advocacy group in favor of increasing government funding for "research on neglected infectious diseases." While the group does have an agenda, the issues they raise may be valid for you. How might Families USA use this information to influence public policy?

Source: "Why Does Global Health Matter to Virginia?," Global Health Initiative (accessed April 1, 2009).