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Governor Kaine's Inaugural Address


Governor Timonth M. Kaine gave his inaugural address in Williamsburg, VA on January 14, 2006. He spoke of his goals of affirming the "values of courage, opportunity and community," and outlined key policy issues for his term. Kaine also evoked the history of two of Virginia's early governors, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry.

Public speeches vary depending on the purpose and goal of the speech and who the intended audience is. When reading this speech, consider the context. Why did Governor Kaine choose to give his inaugural address in Williamsburg, rather than Richmond? Who is his intended audience? Other questions to consider involve some of the content of the speech. What policy issues does he hope to achieve? What values and personal character traits does he praise?

Source: Timothy M. Kaine, "Inaugural Address," Office of the Governor Timothy M. Kaine (accessed January 26, 2009).

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Timothy M. Kaine, "Governor Kaine's Inaugural Address," in Virginia Civics, Item #121, (accessed January 28, 2022).
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