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Governor Tim Kaine's Prepared Remarks: Plan to Address Shortfall


In response to economic problems, Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine issued the state's official revenue forecast. Due to the economic recession, the state received less money from taxes, the federal government, and other sources. The state government then had to brainstorm a way to meet budget shortfalls. This speech to the Joint Money Committees provides Governor Kaine's proposed measures to deal with the budget shortfall.

This document illustrates some of the roles of government in the economy. It also shows the interdependence of the government and the economy. The government influences the economy, and the economy influences how the government works.

What programs are priorities for the Governor? How does he propose to fix the budget? What role does government play in the economy?

Source: Timothy Kaine, "Revenue Reforecast, Plan to Address Shortfall," Office of the Governor Timothy M. Kaine (accessed January 25, 2009).

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Timothy M. Kaine, "Governor Tim Kaine's Prepared Remarks: Plan to Address Shortfall," in Virginia Civics, Item #110, (accessed January 24, 2022).
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