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C-SPAN: World Youth Opinion of the U.S.


In this video, Washington Post reporter Amar Bakshi discusses the differences between older peoples' and youths' opinions of the U.S. Younger peoples' perspectives differ based on the experiences and exposure they have had during their lifetimes. Events such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have had a dramatic effect on world opinion of the U.S. How have U.S. national interests - such as national security - affected foreign policy and the U.S. role in the world?

Source: Amar Bakshi, World Youth Opinion of the U.S., C-SPAN Classroom (accessed November 27, 2008).

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C-SPAN, Amar Bakshi, "C-SPAN: World Youth Opinion of the U.S.," in Virginia Civics, Item #68, (accessed January 27, 2022).
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