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Diagram of Virginia's Judicial System


Virginia's judicial system consists of four levels of courts. Judges are elected by the state legislature for a specific term.

Supreme Court: Virginia's court of last resort reviews decisions of the circuit courts and the Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals: Provides a review of lower court decisions and state commissions

Circuit Courts: general jurisdiction trial courts with authority to try all types of civil and criminal cases

District Courts:

  • General District Courts: limited jurisdiction trial courts that hear civil cases involving amounts in controversy up to $15,000, and conducts trials for traffic infractions and misdemeanor offenses
  • Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts: limited jurisdiction trial courts that hear cases involving children and families

Using the website of Virginia's Judicial System, what are the essential duties of each court?

Source: "The Virginia Judicial System," <a href="" target="_blank">Supreme Court of Virginia</a> (accessed September 1, 2009).

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