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Amendments 11-27 to the U.S. Constitution


The first ten amendments to the U.S. costitution consist of the Bill of Rights, passed as a group in 1789. The following amendments span from 1795 to 1992. Amendments 14, 15, 19, and 26 are of particular interest, as they all have to do with voting rights. Among other things, the 14th amendment denies voting rights to any citizens who have participated in a rebellion. The other amendments extend voting rights - to non-white males, then women, then 18 year olds (rather than 21 year olds). What prompted these changes? What role does the amendment process play in U.S. democracy?

Source: U.S. Government, "Constitution of the United States: Amendments 11-27," National Archives and Records Administration, Charters of Freedom (accessed June 25, 2009).

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U.S. Government, "Amendments 11-27 to the U.S. Constitution," in Virginia Civics, Item #524, (accessed January 27, 2022).
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