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Oyate: a resource for teaching about Native Americans,


Oyate is a Native organization working to see that Native American lives and histories are portrayed honestly. One function of the organization is reviewing books featuring Native American peoples, histories, and cultures, and providing a list of positive books and books to avoid. The website also offers teaching materials. Some materials are free, and others (such as books and DVDs) may be purchased from Oyate. Everyone can benefit from reading the Living Stories about the classroom experiences of some Native American parents and students.

Judicial Power and the Supreme Court of Virginia (Excerpt from the Constitution of Virginia),

Virginia General Assembly

This two-page selection from the Virginia constitution outlines the judicial power and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

What role does the Supreme Court of Virginia play in Virginia's government? Which branch of government…

Attorney General (Excerpt from the Constitution of Virginia),

Virginia General Assembly

This one-page selection from the Virginia constitution outlines the qualifications for the office of the Attorney General.

What role does the Attorney General play in Virginia government? Why does the Virginia constitution require that the…

Lieutenant Governor (Excerpt from the Constitution of Virginia),

Virginia General Assembly

This one-page excerpt from the constitution of Virginia discusses some of the roles and responsibilities of the Lieutenant Governor.

What role does the Lieutenant Governor play in Virginia politics? How does the office of Lieutenant…

Assembly (Excerpt from the Constitution of Virginia),

Virginia General Assembly

This one-page excerpt from the Constitution of Virginia covers the powers of the General Assembly. Namely, it discusses the General Assembly's role in regulating voter registration and the elections process.

What are the roles and…

A Guide to Writing about Virginia Indians and Virginia Indian History,

Virginia Council on Indians

This document is a concise, two-page guide to writing and thinking about Virginia Indians and their history. The information is equally useful for teaching a class, writing a research paper, or having a conversation.

What are important…

United Kingdom Parliament Education Service,

Education Service, Houses of Parliament

This website was created by the British government to educate students about Parliament in the United Kingdom. It includes lesson plans, games, and resources for students of varying ages. It's also an interesting glimpse into another country's legislative branch. How does it work? How is it similar or different from our legislative branch?

Virginia Council on Indians: Resources,

Virginia Council on Indians

The Virginia Council on Indians (VCI) is a state advisory board to the Governor and the General Assembly. Some Council activities include conducting research, making recommendations regarding issues such as tribal recognition, and promoting education about Virginia's Indian tribes. This resource page provides links to such websites as the American Indian Studies department at Virginia Tech, as well as pdf downloads of teaching materials. Don't miss the rest of the VCI website, where there's information about Native Americans in Virginia, tracing your genealogy, and state recognition of Indian tribes. This website is also a great resource for anyone looking for an example of the implementation of public policy.

Creigh Deeds: Selections from his Flickr Page,

Creigh Deeds

Flickr is a photo-sharing website that can also serve as a political tool. Anyone can sign up to share photos, comment on other peoples’ photos, and even label (or “tag”) photographs. Many public figures take advantage of this…

Bob McDonnell: Selections from his Twitter feed,

Bob McDonnell

Bob McDonnell is the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia in the 2009 campaign. This image shows a selection of five updates from his Twitter page. Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to send 140-character updates to…