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Creigh Deeds: Selections from his Flickr Page,

Creigh Deeds

Flickr is a photo-sharing website that can also serve as a political tool. Anyone can sign up to share photos, comment on other peoples’ photos, and even label (or “tag”) photographs. Many public figures take advantage of this…

Why I'm Supporting Senator Deeds for Governor,

Charlottesville Mayor David Brown

This document is a letter from the Mayor of Charlottesville explaining his support for Creigh Deeds' gubernatorial campaign. Although the letter is adressed to "John," the true audience was wider than an individual. Senator Deeds' campaign website…

Senate Joint Resolution No. 352 on Redistricting

Creigh Deeds

Redistricting is a contentious issue in United States and Virginia politics. There is always the possibility that the majority party will redraw voting district lines so that they will be more likely to remain in political power. This amendment to…