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Delegate Dave Albo: A Record of Accomplishment for His Constituents & Virginia,

Dave Albo for Delegate

Dave Albo's campaign website is one example of the kind of resource one could use in understanding internet-based political campaigns. What are some of the claims that Albo makes on his website? How do these compare with assessments and information…

Creigh Deeds: Selections from his Flickr Page,

Creigh Deeds

Flickr is a photo-sharing website that can also serve as a political tool. Anyone can sign up to share photos, comment on other peoples’ photos, and even label (or “tag”) photographs. Many public figures take advantage of this…

Bob McDonnell: Selections from his Twitter feed,

Bob McDonnell

Bob McDonnell is the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia in the 2009 campaign. This image shows a selection of five updates from his Twitter page. Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to send 140-character updates to…

Mark Warner: Selections from his Facebook page,

Mark Warner

Politicians and other public figures are increasingly using new social networking technologies such as Facebook and Twitter to increase publicity and make announcements to the public and mass media. These images show sections of Senator Mark…

Pat Edmonson JJ Video,


In this campaign ad, candidate Pat Edmondson has an interesting spin on the economic issues the government faces. Edmondson, who is running for Lieutenant Governor, takes her campaign staff to a soup kitchen to emphasize the need for economic aid for…

Mike Signer for Lieutenant Governor: "Wait Around",


Mike Signer, one Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, tries to redefine the role of the Lieutenant Governor in his campaign ad. As he describes it, many people think the Lieutenant Governor only "waits around" for something to happen to the…

Taking on the Systems that are Failing Working Virginians,

Mike Signer

In this press release, Democrat Mike Signer announces his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor in the 2009 election. Signer raises issues he plans to address during his campaign.

How do political parties organize to win elections? How do…

Virginia Public Access Project,


The Virginia Public Access Project is a non-profit, non-partisan organization which strives to provide information to the public about Virginia campaign donations through computer technology. Their website offers maps of where legislator’s donations come from, the size of their donations, and lists of contributors. There is also information on lobbyists, donors, vendors, and committees. In addition to using the wealth of information on this site, students may benefit from comparing it to the Virginia State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Website. How does a private group’s portrayal of campaign financing differ from the government website?

PAC Donations to Jim Gilmore's 2008 Senatorial Campaign,

Federal Election Commission

This Federal Election Commission report of PAC donations to 2008 Senate candidate Jim Gilmore reveal some of the sources for campaign funding. Why did Bank of America PAC contribute to Gilmore's campaign? What is the purpose of the Bluegrass…