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Pat Edmonson JJ Video


In this campaign ad, candidate Pat Edmondson has an interesting spin on the economic issues the government faces. Edmondson, who is running for Lieutenant Governor, takes her campaign staff to a soup kitchen to emphasize the need for economic aid for those in need. She also invites others in the Richmond area to help volunteer with her.

Edmondson's ad draws attention to the economic hardships many are facing during the economic recession. It also demonstrates two ways to help those in need: government intervention and volunteering by civic-minded individuals.

How does Edmondson's video compare to other campaign videos you have seen? Why did she focus her campaign strategy on helping those in need? What role does public service play in being an active participant in civic life?

Source: patforvirginia, "Pat Edmonson JJ Video," YouTube (accessed April 14, 2009).

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