Installing Ceramic Tile Floors

Installing ceramic tile floors is a major project. But many homeowners tackle that project themselves. And as tile projects go, installing home floors is one of the easier projects. The funny thing is if you get started right you almost are guaranteed to succeed. There are three important parts to getting started right on a ceramic tile floor.
Though you can install tile over many different surfaces, the base for a tile floor must be solid. You must have a rigid surface that isn't moving around. Install tile over a bouncy floor and you'll surely have cracked tiles or grout joints. A solid base is the first must to a successful project.
Then it's time for some measuring before you lay that first tile. Planning is the key to success. You see you can plan ahead and know just where every tile will go before you set the first tile. Why is that so important? Partly because you must plan for the tile cuts from the start. Those cut tiles need to be in a less visible part of the room. Then no one will ever notice. So anticipate the cuts to get the best finished look.
The other preparation work that will get you on the right start is putting down some guides. You can choose to nail down some guide boards to help you get the first row going straight and true. Another alternative is just snapping some chalk line marks. In either case, the next step is laying out quite a few dry tiles just so you see how the tiles actually are lining up. Careful planning will let you see how the tiles will be arranged before you ever get started.


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