by the visitors at Nikko Saigon

Only with very simple ingredients, lean pork shoulder, purple onion, garlic, duck eggs but people gourmet market, skillfully made square pieces, fragrant, yellow gold. Followed by the visitors at Nikko Saigon, the taste of grilled dishes is what makes this dish appealing. Grab right at the mix of ingredients, pork cooked to medium boiled, cut thin sauteed green onion together with garlic and garlic to smell, then added duck eggs, pepper seeds, seasoning with the most The mixture is unique, with easy adhesion to create blocks.

Let the seasoning to marinate for more than 30 minutes to bake. Cho Gao folk chefs use a unique, traditional baking method. Grilled in a cast iron pot with a layer of banana leaves underneath and determined to prevent sticky, then the meat mixture, spread evenly, to create a beautiful color shell, pour the egg yolks have melted on the face. Place the charcoal on the charcoal stove, keeping the red charcoal to retain heat during baking. When the face was dry, golden brown eyes are using sharp sticks of bamboo stabbed to try, the rod is not attached to the meat is cooked.

North of the pot down from the kitchen, take out the cake, perfect ripe cake, not burned with the smell of grilled chicken meat, especially in the scent of the foliage of banana leaves, all thanks to secret pad bananas at the bottom. Take out cut into pieces of square to the plate. Beside the grilled chicken must have a plate of fresh vegetables to eat together, have eaten with raw vegetables is definitely a bowl of sour sauce, spicy, salty sweet. Fried pineapple, sweet sweet harmony, add stimulus when eating with raw vegetables, sauce makes it difficult to resist the charm.


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