Bathmate Hydro7 For Begginers

HydroSeven is the first hydro pump made by Bathmate, designed and adapted for men who first use a water-based  pump. With enough pressure, this is very fitting for beginners to be safe when using it.

Hydro7 is the new name of the first series pump which was previously Hercules. This series has two different sizes, namely the type of Hercules and Goliath.

Hercules has a standard size that is for men who have erect lengths ranging from 5 inches to 7 inches with a growth space of about 3 inches. While Goliath has a considerable size that is for men who have an erection length of more than 9 inches, the average growth space is 3 inches.

At first, Bathmate was not very popular because the mechanism was almost the same as most other pumps. But after a long period of research on water therapy, Bathmate reappeared with a new concept and extraordinary breakthrough, namely by applying a water therapy mechanism to their pump.

Effective at increasing the size, Bathmate has become increasingly popular, and more than one million pumps have sold. Not only that, but Bathmate has also distributed its extraordinary pump to more than 70 countries in the world.

Bathmate also makes the distribution of storage of goods in various regions with the aim to speed up delivery to customers, besides that shipping costs will be much cheaper, and the Bathmate will pay taxes. That is to make it easier for all men to buy a Bathmate pump.

Unfortunately, a lot of fake products are on the market. Fake Bathmate pump are usually sold at lower prices because the ingredients used are also cheap. Counterfeit products are often easily damaged, leaky, and cause irritation to the skin.

Therefore get Hydro7 from the official Bathmate website water penis pump. So you get the original product and get the real benefits from this water-based pump. Besides, you will also get a warranty from Bathmate. Fake products usually do not have a warranty. get yours.


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