how long do goldfish live


Contrary to popular belief, goldfish aquariums should have an intense circulation of air and plenty of oxygen. These conditions enable them to grow healthier. It is not true that there is no need for an air motor for goldfish. how much goldfish grows or is expected to grow in a year, How Big Do Goldfish Get.


The aquarium floor with goldfish should be furnished with special ground materials, known as fine sand or mussel fracture. All day long, goldfish take these grains of sand in their mouths and try to collect food grains from them.

In general, you can provide specially produced feeds. However, there is a common constipation problem in goldfish. To prevent this, you can leave boiled spinach, pea or raw lettuce grains on the aquarium water once or twice a week.

how long  goldfish live


how long do goldfish live ?You must be careful about the bait. These fish are insatiable and eat as much as you feed. Then they can die by digesting the feed they eat more.

Occasionally check the pH and nitrate level in the water. The correct pH level is between 6.5-7.5. Nitrate is normally considered 40.

Goldfish can live at any temperature. You don't need to install a heater, especially for them. However, experts and especially Japanese breeders agree that the most healthy growth and breeding temperature for this fish is 21 degrees.



You should change their water regularly. It is never recommended to change the aquarium water completely. Instead, it is better to clean 25% of the water in about 10 days.



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