How to Recover Hacked AOL Email Account?

All of us email daily to complete their important work and we heavily depend on it from office work to personal work. From all the different email services in the market, AOL is the best of them and it’s considered as the most influential service as distinguishable features. But it’s frustrating when you are not able to access your email because someone hacked it.

Know if your email is hacked

First thing first, you need to realize that your email is hacked. Because it will help you in securing it from other potential threats from the future. You can take some important steps to secure your information if someone is trying to access your email. Know the signs of a hacked account and we’ll provide a guide on what to do in this condition.

Signs of a hacked account:

  • Emails are delivered to your inbox

  • Your contacts are getting spam emails from your account

  • On your recent activity page, you see logins from different locations which you didn’t do

  • Your mail settings or account info was changed without your knowledge

  • Your contacts book have been erased

  • While signing in or sending a message, you’re asked to pass an image challenge

  • A new contact is added to your list but you didn’t add them

  • Your display name is changed and looks odd

  • Your email signature has a link which you didn’t put

These the signs for knowing if your AOL email account is hacked, if it is, in that condition contact AOL tech support number for help and follow their instructions on how to avoid getting hacked all together.

What to do if your account is hacked

Hacker may change the email settings and try to get a copy of your future emails which you are likely to send. To keep them out of your account you need to follow some simple instructions. These instructions are very simple and by following them you’ll be able to prevent hackers from getting any unauthorized information from your email account.

  • Change the password immediately and set a strong password for your account.

  • Make sure to run anti-virus software on your computer because there is a chance of your computer affecting as well in this type of hack.

  • Change your security question.

  • Review your signature and if anything looks suspicious change it immediately.

  • Change the account settings or preferences which were changed without your knowledge. These things could be email filters, display name, email signature, blocked addresses, and mail away message.

Follow these steps carefully to avoid your information getting leaked to hackers. In any case, if it looks suspicious to you, connect to AOL customer service number to get help. They are a professional third party service which provides solutions to all your problems related to email hacks.


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