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Albemarle County Land Use Handbook, Chapter 5,

Albemarle County Attorney's Office

This document explains the history of the Dillon Rule and its implementation. The handbook also discusses the rule's limitations on a locality’s land use powers. Some contentious issues include: efforts to provide affordable housing;…

Liason Officers Between State Agencies and the General Assembly - 2009 ,

Division of Legislative Automated Systems

This document is part of a list of liaison officers between state agencies, the General Assembly and its staff that is published annually. This selection includes a short description of the liaison process and the legislation governing it. In…

Apportionment of Districts (Excerpt from the Constitution of Virginia),

Virginia General Assembly

This one-page excerpt from the Virginia constitution discusses the process of apportionment, sometimes known as "gerrymandering."

What is the role of the General Assembly in reapportionment? What role do political parties play? How might…

Assembly (Excerpt from the Constitution of Virginia),

Virginia General Assembly

This one-page excerpt from the Constitution of Virginia covers the powers of the General Assembly. Namely, it discusses the General Assembly's role in regulating voter registration and the elections process.

What are the roles and…

A Local Charter,

Kelly Walker, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Sometimes referred to as a “Constitution,” a city, town, or county charter allows residents the flexibility to choose the kind of government structure allowed by law for their community. A community organized under a charter may choose…

Public Education: What is the State’s Responsibility ,

Deborah Sprenger

Public education remains one of the primary responsibilities shared between state and local government. The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia requires the General Assembly to provide a system of free public schools. That provision has been…

Senator John Warner's Comments on the "No Child Left Behind Act",

John Warner

This document is part of the Congressional Record of what legislators say when the Senate is in session. Former Virginia Senator John Warner (as opposed to Senator Mark Warner) discusses his views on federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, and why…

Great Britain: About the House of Lords,

House of Lords

Prepared by the British government, this document provides an overview of the House of Lords, Parliament, and the Supreme Court system in Great Britain. The House of Lords is the second chamber of British Parliament, and its members are not elected…

Amendments 11-27 to the U.S. Constitution,

U.S. Government

The first ten amendments to the U.S. costitution consist of the Bill of Rights, passed as a group in 1789. The following amendments span from 1795 to 1992. Amendments 14, 15, 19, and 26 are of particular interest, as they all have to do with voting…

What are Initiatives and Referendums?,

Rob Campbell

Currently, 24 states have some form of initiative and referendum process. Citizens can use the ballot initiative process to implement laws on their own; conversely, a referendum places an existing law to a popular vote. In this activity, students…